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Focus Group Results

Southwest Marketing Advisory Center (SMAC)
Dr. Michael Rich
Southwest Minnesota State University
Marketing Advisory Center
St. 203, 1501 State Street
Marshall, MN  56258

Findings from November 2010 Focus Groups:
    Parents and children really like Highway My-Way.

Children Focus Group Summary
  • Children feel they have a lot of Hot Wheels at home.
  • Children believe favorite toys are cars and the WII
  • Children typically made a racetrack with the roads.
  • Children left the roads out to play with for later.
  • Children feel they liked the roads.
  • Children feel they would ask their parents to buy more when they ran out.      

Parent Focus Group Summary
  • Parents believe that Highway My-Way has easy portability to take the toy on vacations or when visiting other
  • Parents think this toy would make a nice birthday gift
  • Parents feel that Highway My-Way would be a good addition to Hot Wheels or Matchbox cars.
  • Parents noticed that simple toys, the ones that use the imagination were the ones their kids played with the longest.
  • Parents noticed the Post-it and 3M logo on the package quickly
  • Parents feel they would purchase Highway My-Way for a stocking stuffer or for a toy at grandma's house.