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Paper Roads made with

Post-it® Note Paper from 3M

 "Roads of Fun"

Highway My-Way, self-stick removable paper roads are made with Post-it Note paper from 3M. The product features pads of roads, straight pieces and curves, with a double strip of 3M Post-it Note adhesive centered on each piece for stability. The paper roads make a realistic looking asphalt highway and can be constructed wherever children would like to play, on many surfaces including tables and floors. They are the perfect fit for two toy Hot Wheels size cars to drive on side-by-side.  Tracks stretch for 31 feet.   Each package contains two pads, one with 50 straight roads, and one with 25 curves.

Highway My-Way Features

  • Temporary Paper Roadways
  • Double Strip of 3M "Post-it" Note Adhesive
  • Disposable
  • "Post-it" Pads
  • Portable
  • Stream-lined Packaging
  • Fosters Creativity
  • Convenient
  • Affordable

Benefits to Customer

  • Easily Removed When Playtime is Done
  • Stability of Roads When Children Play
  • No Additional Clutter for Overstuffed Toy Boxes
  • 3M Quality is Well-known and Trusted
  • Easy to Take Along
  • Easy to Mail
  • Children Will Use Their Imaginations
  • Enough Roads in Package for Several Designs
  • Fits With Any Household Budget